Funny Plumbing Story

Funny Plumbing Story


A plumbing contractor was asked to rod a waste line in a doctor’s office because it was constantly backing up. This particular contractor went out to rod and couldn’t get though, so suggested they camera. They discovered that the waste piping was a mess below the floor. So the doctor and contractor scheduled to do the work and replaced the underground sewer piping servicing the toilet rooms. The repair was finished without a hitch and the sewer flowed fine.

Saturday rolls around and the plumbing contractor got a frantic call from the Doctor telling them the same line was backing up. The good doctor did not explicitly imply that it was the pluming contractor’s fault, but clearly, this is where he was heading. The contractor dispatched the same plumber that performed the repair. He pulled the toilets and began rodding, after some time he hit the blockage and began pulling the rod back out of the sewer.

Flush Hour Plumbing

To his great surprise, he discovered that not only was he working on Saturday, but he was getting paid for one of his favorite pastimes! Fishing!!! But he just had to ask the doctor if he was missing any large fish from his salt water tank. The doctor added rather sheepishly that he found one of his bigger fish dead and thought he should flush it down the toilet. The fish had gotten stuck in the waste line and was acting as a dam.

The moral of the story, don’t flush big fish down the toilet and just because you have to work on Saturday, doesn’t necessarily mean you have to miss out on the finer things in life!

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